The Use Of Mobile Applications In Higher Education Classes

The system must be maintained by experts, and internet failures are expected to hinder its functionality from time to time . Stakeholders who don’t have access to the web will find it a challenge to use since the resources are uploaded to the database host. The school has a ready infrastructure, and only a few programs will be purchased and installed for the implementation process to commence. However, some important gadgets like Uninterrupted Powers Suppliers will be bought to safeguard the system from faults caused by sudden blackouts, power surges, and brown-outs, . The tasks envisioned include Checking school fees structure and balances, newsletter resources, children’s performances, suggestions, school programs, and online interactions. For the problem mentioned in 3.2 above to be fully addressed, database oasis is to be put in place to allow easy access to online resources.

The development of this web-based school management will benefit the students as they will be able to get the correct data within a short period and in the format that they require it. This will also be the same case in teachers and the involved stakeholder in the school that may need any data. There was a lot of consideration that was looked into before the development of the database oasis was developed for the web-based school management. Database Oasis is best because it can easily give the required data in the needed format. Future enhancements of the database oasis entail giving room for updates. This will help improve the operations of the web for KS Secondary School by conforming to the changes in the school .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

The project aims at developing a web-based computer application for KS Secondary School to enhance the levels of efficiency in students, teachers, and parent interactions. It will continuously generate student performance reports and facilitate real-time interactions between teachers and parents to identify student academic progress and needs. The system also aims at improving the quality of administrative effectiveness at the school. The administration’s access to every department will promote the timeliness of managerial decisions to improve the quality of output from each department .

Project Aims And Objectives

The management faces perennial challenges in enhancing the availability and maintenance of updated data on areas such as student records, performance data, and storage of essential documents and files. Also, there are worries of loss of manual data stored in paper-based files as such data can easily be misplaced, defaced, or lost . Further, data privacy questions always emerge since there are no systemic checks and trail of those accessing the data repositories in the school and the kind or nature of data they are accessing. However, with the web-based application’s adoption, these challenges will be resolved since the school management will have instant access to any form of data required. Also, the data is web-based that it cannot be easily lost compared to manual and paper-based data.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

They also stated that in most part of the classes several students use their mobile phones and apps to search for class related materials. The teachers also showed curiosity about knowing, with more detail, the mobile phone use their students actually have. It is therefore relevant to effectively understand how these students use these devices, more specifically the applications installed on them. To this end, most studies have been based on designs that are focused on the users’ perceptions and based are on these reports. The use of mobile devices by higher education students has grown in the last years .

Project Characteristics And Goals

In comparison with others, it is the one that embraces thorough checks, implementations, and controls to the current and new system. The performance level is predictable, and in most cases, it has performed as expected . It has numeral stages that allow customization of a site, which will help the team develop a system that addresses a broad range of utility resources.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Special programs that are designed in a way as to identify malware and virus quickly will be installed and maintained on all the computers in the school. In this section we intend to describe the technological background underlying the process of collecting the logs. The first goal was to register and capture logs from the wi-fi network of the university, which consists of a wireless network that users can access using their universal user credentials. When it comes to the time of use, per week, in classes, 53%, 58%, and 22% of the students answered they used these devices between 4 to 5 days a week and 15%, 40% and 70% said they used them between 1 to 3 days a week. The group who participated in this pilot study was selected in accordance with the professors and classes available, so it is considered a convenience sample.

Development Plan

Processors and hard discs will be improved to the recommended 8GB and 1TB, respectively, as the combination will suit massive online surfing and processing of data. They can view any student’s report; make additions, corrections, and comments. The comments will be crucial to the students and parents as they will reveal the teacher’s perceptions towards the student based on the reports. Information flow from one departmental to another will greatly be improved as the secretariat of these offices will not be required to move from one office to another and engage in very tedious manual data searching routines.

After logging in, the users will have access to specific data whereby the teacher’s data is not the same as that available to the parent or student. It means the application will enhance data security since teachers can only update data such as student records, but it will be available to students and parents. The application will also enhance the school’s administration as it will allow the headteacher and his team swift and proficient accessibility to every department within the school.

  • The alternatives to the web-based data management system were analyzed on their suitability, which formed the basis of the management’s decision in collaboration with the team of experts.
  • This paper aimed to describe the process of a pilot to carry out a larger study where we wanted to cross-reference actual usage data of mobile applications in the classroom with data from student questionnaires.
  • Manageengine application manager is a ready-to-use, affordable, and easy-to-use application management solution that aids institutions such as schools to monitor their mission-critical applications and information/data centers more effectively efficiently.
  • CentOS is a Linux distribution provided a free, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform that aims to be functionally compatible with its upstream source.
  • The school will meet the technical costs of installing the new system, which includes Purchasing programs compatible with online data management, paying the outsourced technicians, and paying cloud service provider fees charged to the host server.
  • In this final pilot, logs were collected in a classroom so that the scenario was as close to the desired collection as possible.

NETFLIX Technologies has offered to assist in the initial running and protection of the system, and this will not only save the institution with finances, but it will help us with the in-depth expertise as we embrace this critical technological revolution. With more than three thousand technologically aware stakeholders, the program is expected to function after the piloting phase is over1. Various departments in the school have, for quite some time, been interacting and communicating through correspondents that are usually physical and require an office messenger to deliver them to the designated offices. The staff is ready for the new system that will network all the school departments, whereby they will share resources that are computer administrative and those meant for client utility . The factors mentioned above would be instrumental to the success of the program. This is a leading enterprise-grade relational application software that offers secure transaction processing and data management processing.

The Aims And Objectives Of The Project

Another suggestion would be the use of mobile applications that record these usage behaviours (Raento et al., 2009). Among the teachers, 70% were satisfied, and again ease of use was cited as the major reason. Those who were dissatisfied with 20% had issues with the speed of the operating system .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

This refers to a process whereby a problem domain is analyzed to develop a model used to perform the problem domain or task . In an analysis and problem-solving phase, a developer has numerous options as he/she can consider a formal vision document or even interviews with interested parties . The problem domain envisioned is divided into many subtasks that will be analyzed separately from one another. A conceptual model of the object-oriented methodology consists of sets of UML class diagrams, Interaction diagrams, and Use Cases. The following three methodologies were found suitable because they are cost-effective, meet the requirement of the study, and provides relatively accurate data. The complexity of tasks to be performed by a system and predictability of the success that a particular methodology can have are other major factors apart from cost implications that influenced our decision.

Availability Of Data And Materials

Parents have aired out their frustrations on the current system to the school administration, which has then analyzed and presented them to our technical team. Our technical team already has a representative from the school management who has since discussed the challenges that the school faces with our team. To the teachers, the application will enhance their focus on student performance and academics. It will promote the monitoring of student attendance and their participation in activities such as homework and team assignments. The application will also produce online reports and result cards that will permit easier tracking of student performance.

The school, upon completion of the implementation of the program, will benefit from an increase in the admissions since its web-based content will be available to be accessed worldwide, and this serves as a marketing strategy. Data stored on this platform cannot be lost unless the system is hacked, and data destroyed. However, hacking cases are not many, and schools are usually not targeted by these cybercriminals. Therefore, the school will be assured of the safety of its online resources. The questions asked aim to estimate how long or what type of use they have made of their devices on a daily basis, and sometimes aim to know about time periods of several days. In most of these studies, 40% of papers use at least one measure of frequency of use and 27% a measure of duration of use that users make.

Project Management

This project aims to implement a web-based education data management system with a user-friendly design and easy-to-use approach. Since the system is web-based, users like parents, teachers, and students can access the relevant data from any location using technological devices such as computers or smartphones . Furthermore, the web-based system for management and android applications enables students to check their school notices and even reply.

The generation of accurate reports will enhance the adoption of suitable strategies for improving student performance since such strategies will be based on factual and accurate information. However, given that mobile devices are fully integrated into our daily lives and we use them quite extensively, it becomes difficult to retain and define with plausible accuracy the use we make of them. In addition to the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is important that these types of studies are validated with other methods, such as the use of logs, as presented in this study. The logs in this study refer to the capture records of the mobile device traffic made by the students. Compared to the four databases presented above, the proposed web-based program best meets the school’s requirements.

During this pilot the accesses during theoretical classes corresponded to approximately 11,177 accesses per student. Our study gathered data from 77 participants, taking theoretical classes in the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro. The research was based on the Grounded Theory method approach aiming to analyse the logs from the access points of the University. With the collected data, a profile of Educational Mobile Application Development the use of mobile devices during classes was drawn. Since the infrastructure is already available at a significant percentage, there are just a few tasks that will require financing. The school will meet the technical costs of installing the new system, which includes Purchasing programs compatible with online data management, paying the outsourced technicians, and paying cloud service provider fees charged to the host server.

In my position as the system analyst, I would be in charge of giving technical advice to the school. The project aims at coming up with a computer program that will significantly enhance safety and access to school online resource promptly by the stakeholders like teachers, parents, government, and students. Every category of data users will have login details that are particular to them, and this will determine the level of access they will have to school data. Many school institutions worldwide have installed some kind of information management systems that they are efficiently utilizing and reaping the benefits of information technology innovations.

Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. About 30 changes in data treatment and in data flow “cleaning” were performed, which were, later, exported to Tableau Desktop. Each file imported to Tableau Prep, in addition to the changes applied to the previous file, was refined with more changes, in an iterative process.

The system can further enhance the timeliness of making managerial decisions from each department. It will enhance the visibility of departmental needs as teachers always make timely requests to ensure the optimal operation within their department. From the above assessment, it can be seen that the program will be of great benefit to the stakeholders. There are a few threats and weaknesses that can easily be addressed by the technical team. The technology will offer a platform for marketing apart from normal school data management. Although schools are not mainly targeted, any technologically aware and cautious system developer must always seal all the loopholes available to guarantee for safety and reliability of information all the time.

If this problem was not to be addressed, it remains difficult for parents to track the performance record of their children in school and also will maintain a very less interactive teacher-parent and administration-parent relationships. HEI’s are trying to integrate digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and informal learning situations, assuming that the use of these technologies may result in a different learning approach and increase students’ motivation and proficiency . Server Hardware Minimum requirements Computer Core-Duo or above processor Memory 8GB Minimum; 16GB Recommended Hard disk space 1TB or above data storage for the database and the server operating system software.

Furthermore, it supports the flipped classroom video for liberal studies. The oasis database will have numerous categories of users and will include a system administrator. The administrator will be tasked with making necessary changes in the system to enhance functionality and client interactivity of the system application .

A client, therefore, is the one who initiates communication with an awaiting content provider and makes requests . This software is recommended for school institutions as it is reliable, fast, and much convenient. However, the system has a demerit in the sense that it does not allow for an online interface between the administrator and the client. The system can be a very good option for KS school since it does not allow parents or other stakeholders to make suggestions and share their thoughts online. The report further discusses business analysis conducted by the team of system developers and other data management models. The alternatives to the web-based data management system were analyzed on their suitability, which formed the basis of the management’s decision in collaboration with the team of experts.

800×600 or higher resolution required for the SQL Server graphical tools Pointing device Microsoft Mouse or compatible Network Giga-Ethernet wired CD-ROM drive Required for installation server operating system purposes only. The database oasis nature of the application means that data can be accessed over the internet rather than through the school’s computer hard drives. The application can also be customized to cater to the individual needs of any category of users. The project will also facilitate access to the performance of the student.

The web-based system will permit the continuous backup of the data and information, meaning the original data will be available even in cases of loss of hardware where the data stored. Web-based data management is a derivative of other paradigms and existing technologies. It was designed to allow its users to benefit from combining all these technologies . Web-based data management system, unlike other systems, it is a cheap, reliable, and flexible software.

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