If you don’t, the guy goes on his go to the house of the younger woman’s moms and dads

If you don’t, the guy goes on his go to the house of the younger woman’s moms and dads

In the event that afterwards for the same event each one of the couples planned to break the betrothal, they addressed each other for the verse, saying;

Such as for instance passages have been called “hta thi kwaw” Unless of course a wedding hence generated try broken off of the same night, the young son try not as much as responsibility to deliver an intermediary in order to plan for the marriage contained in this a short while. In the event that he don’t continue his hope, his fuel to withstand a wicked attraction (“so”), do lapse, in which he perform go, it had been think, to the a drop.

The parents inquire exactly what the number try, and he solutions with a beneficial couplet:

Most of these techniques however get among the many Karen throughout the rural slope-country; as well as in going for a bride zero action was pulled in place of divination by standard method of examining the fresh poultry bones, except in the case of new betrothals affected from the more youthful people by themselves at funeral service-feasts. It sometimes happens one an early son, viewing a beneficial maiden who draws him, mentions the new circumstances to his parents, exactly who accept their selection and publish a mediator in order to the girl parents having an offer off relationships. Just like the qualities away from a good confidant are expected fundamentally inside several of times, brand new omens is consulted and must establish beneficial in advance of he proceeds with the his objective.[19-2] In the event that into their method the guy will be options to the something that is inauspicious, like the sliding away from a snake across the their highway, the latest barking away from a great deer, or perhaps the declaration away from a passing, he’s going to go homeward. The newest talk that takes place you will find continuous during the verse described as rates out-of speech and that suggest, but do not state clearly, the point which the new intermediary came. With the entering the home, he sighs, possibly, and reviews that he is inside an attempting position.

A beneficial “bullet bridge” is actually a journal, to possess on the jungle a bridge is commonly nothing more than a diary

The parents apprehend that he’s requesting their daughter. Or even prepared to offer their inside mariage, they might answer:

But if, yet not, the mother and father is positively more likely, but they are in doubt regarding exactly who the young son can get feel, comprehending that the person keeps a son regarding his very own, they ask him:

Or they are not sure as to if or not he intends their bring out-of marriage for their maiden child or perhaps the old that, an eligible more youthful widow. So they really ask your:

The phrase “flat bridge” refers to the young widow, one other with the maiden. A flat connection is certainly one made of planks. The importance of the 2 terms as the used because of the parentes is rare in my opinion, it is subject to numerous interpretations. If the there needs to be a couple of unily, one another qualified, mom and dad would query:

Throughout 1st call the brand new mediator does not expect you’ll improvements much in his transactions. In the event that he’s become positively acquired, your family get destroy a chicken and invite your for eating with them. He leaves with no knowledge of just what result was, together with mothers see an early chance to get the consent of the solitary daughter being a married woman (“mu pgha”).

With the their next visit a short while after the new mediator may get the dad seated at the front escort Lafayette of the property and you can most likely overhears your call-out for the mother in the one of the woman tasks in this: “Here appear that men buffalo. Should i tether him or let him wade?” In the event the she screams back: “We could possibly too tether your,” he knows that his suggestion was approved. Actually is she react to the alternative, the fresh person would enter the family and you may shell out their head to however, tends to make no mention of target of the phone call. So it entire techniques illustrates just an excellent Karen, plus an oriental, attribute from profile. The fresh Oriental selling inside secondary procedures, as opposed to are in danger out of claiming things unpleasant.